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1. Introduction

A regular expression is a template specifying a class of strings. A regular expression matcher is an tool that determines whether a string belongs to a class specified by a regular expression. This is a common task of a user input validation code, and the use of regular expressions can GREATLY simplify and speed up development of such code. As an example, here is how to verify that a string is a valid hexadecimal number in Smalltalk notation, using this matcher package:

aString matchesRegex: '16r[[:xdigit:]]+'

(Coding the same ``the hard way'' is an exercise to a curious reader).

This matcher is offered to the Smalltalk community in hope it will be useful. It is free in terms of money, and to a large extent--in terms of rights of use. Refer to `Boring Stuff' section for legalese.

The 'What's new in this release' section describes the functionality introduced in 1.1 release.

The `Syntax' section explains the recognized syntax of regular expressions.

The `Usage' section explains matcher capabilities that go beyond what String>>matchesRegex: method offers.

The `Implementation notes' sections says a few words about what is under the hood.

Happy hacking,

--Vassili Bykov
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August 6, 1996
April 4, 1999

Updated on 2002-03-10